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The quiet achiever: ComWriter now being used in 49 countries!

ComWriter, an Australian IT startup, is a cloud-based writing application for students and faculty. It combines the power of Word with the power of EndNote in a single application designed for today’s higher education needs. The product has had a quiet launch over the past 6 months and today hit a new milestone: 6,000 users in 49 countries. So that makes an average of 1,000 users per month and 5 new countries each month. Not bad for a soft entry into the difficult higher education market.

ComWriter hits 6000 users

Dr Linda Glassop, a former academic and the founder of ComWriter said “It is thrilling to get positive feedback on all our hard work”, “Our users seem to have little trouble adapting to ComWriter once they get their mind around our awesome innovation: eliminating formatting!”

Yes, that is correct, ComWriter does all the formatting for you: references AND text, leaving students and faculty free to concentrate on writing content. So, all those challenges with formatting references (you know, commas, colons, italics, all in the right place), not to mention headers-and-footers, have all been eliminated in an easy-to-use cloud-based product.

A Public Library in the cloud: heaven for researchers!

Users can also find references in ComWriter’s Public Library! Linda said their Public Library has access to 2 billion records…now that’s another mind-bending innovation given we aren’t talking about Google! Linda said “ComWriter is capable of writing a first year essay or a full dissertation” “My dissertation has 300 pages, with more than 500 references. We’ve used it as a test case and all the formatting gets done automatically by ComWriter in 1.15 minutes!” “I wish I had ComWriter back in 2000 when I submitted, it would have saved me a very big headache!” Linda sighed.

ComWriter has a free version and can be found at


12 February, 2015

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IT Startup Poised for International Success

After just 3 months on the market, the ComWriter startup hits 5,000 registered users from 39 countries. ComWriter is a cloud-based writing application for students and faculty to write assignments, dissertations and journal articles. This innovative product combines a word processor, a bibliographic tool, and an online library within the same platform. ComWriter’s primary innovation is the auto formatting of references and text to academic standards with one click of the mouse using pre-defined styles.

ComWriter hits 5000 Sign Ups

Dr Glassop, a former academic and IT executive, is the founder of ComWriter. Linda said “This is a very exciting milestone to reach for our fledgling company.” “It demonstrates that there is a significant need for an innovative writing tool in Higher Education.”

Linda has had her fair share of dissenters. After all it requires a lot of courage to take on Microsoft Word AND Endnote in one hit. Linda explains “Word is 22 years old, and Endnote is 17 years old.” “It is about time we had a product designed specifically for academic work.”

The productivity gains with ComWriter have seen undergraduates getting High Distinctions for their assignments, and PhD students flocking to the  app. While ‘app’ seems to be an understatment for this behemonth platform, the future looks rosie for this Australian innovation.

There is a FREE version for High School students to get University-ready. Looks like Linda has thought of everything!

Issued: 2 December, 2014

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New Feature: Create awesome academic projects and export to Word

Today ComWriter released the much anticipated export to Word. Now users can create awesome looking writing projects and export either to PDF or Word.

Export writing projects to Word or PDF

ComWriter now enables export to PDF and MS Word

Dr Glassop explained that the export to Word was requested to enable students to submit their assignments to teachers and supervisors in that file type. She said “The rule of thumb before you export to Word, ‘Does it look good in the PDF?’ If yes, then it will look perfect in Word.” Users are advised to do any  fine-tuning of formatting in ComWriter first, export to PDF to check that it looks the way they want it to, then export to Word to submit.

Fine-tuning could include:

  • adding a blank line to move a heading down; this can be done by adding an empty paragraph
  • changing the size of an image; this can be done by customizing the image
  • inserting a page break
  • altering the header or footnote; this can be done by customizing the Style being used to format the project

Minor editing can be done in Word, but that, of course, cannot be imported back into ComWriter.

If minor editing is required, Users are advised to:

  • Check the Flipbook, which provides an introduction to using ComWriter
  • Visit the YouTube channel to watch  short instruction videos
  • Consult the Forums, where  a host of resources such as  user guides and tips can be found
  • Contact the Support Desk for advice:

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Remove the stress of academic writing: use ComWriter

Make academic writing easy with ComWriter: it's FREE

Make academic writing easy with ComWriter: it’s FREE

Use Promo Code: BG21403

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ComWriter workshops are underway!

We are very excited to have the opportunity of giving hands-on experience to students and academics at many universities across Australia. The workshops facilitated by Dr. Linda Glassop give the universities a chance to test the new cloud-based product through one-on-one coaching on using ComWriter to prepare their academic writing.

James Cook, Central Queensland, La Trobe, Deakin and Monash Universities have been the lucky few to test the product…And Australian National University (ANU) is next – locked in on the 20 February next year – just in time for the new academic year.

Feedback has been anything but negative. The ease of use, functionality and appeal of ComWriter were ranked highly by the universities with very few faults. In response to the question – “Would you use ComWriter for your academic writing?” asked at La Trobe University earlier this year, 70.6% of participants answered with a 4 or 5 out of 5 response. This strong, positive response was complimented with excited hope for future academic writing.

We can’t wait to visit many more universities all over the world! #writebetter with #comwriter

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ComWriter BETA is now LIVE

We are very, very pleased to announce that…

The ComWriter Beta is Now LIVE!

Please go to to register for FREE!

  • create & edit projects
  • add & manage resources
  • find, maintain & apply styles

Visit our Support Desk

Log onto our Support Desk  to look at:

  • User Guides
  • Glossary
  • FAQs
  • Forums
  • News and Announcements
  • Enhancements planned
  • Log a service request

Happy writing everyone,

Linda & the Team


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The first Uni assignment produced by ComWriter submitted!

Today, one of our beta-testers (Rachel) was the first person to write and produce her University assignment (Design, University of Technology Sydney) using ComWriter! Congratulations Rachel, we hope you get a High Distinction.

Rachel said “I can use comwriter when I am at the library to add my resources, and then go home and write my essay, and they’ll all be there, easy as!” After writing her essay, Rachel used the Harvard style to produce her assignment, and to her delight “All my references are correct, except for one extra comma, but that probably means I forgot to enter some data!” She added, “A whole level of stress was removed by not having to worry about the references and spacing and stuff.”


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Linda talking about the future of comwriter

Listen to @LindaGlassop being interviewed by @MatBeeche for Kochies Business Builders StartupLabs: Comwriter

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August 17, 2013 · 11:23 PM

About Your Startup: ComWriter

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TEDx Noosa offers the opportunity to learn, be enthralled, and be supportive of the innovation, creativity and ideas emerging from our local community. I follow TED on YouTube, regularly watch and share video’s and have continued to be captivated by the inspirational people (young and old) that TED has given voice to. Having become an entrepreneur for the first time, post 50 yrs, I find inspiration in diverse fields and conversations. As an educator, developing a product in the education space, TED offers a role model for open access to the great thinkers of our time.

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April 2, 2013 · 3:54 PM