The quiet achiever: ComWriter now being used in 49 countries!

ComWriter, an Australian IT startup, is a cloud-based writing application for students and faculty. It combines the power of Word with the power of EndNote in a single application designed for today’s higher education needs. The product has had a quiet launch over the past 6 months and today hit a new milestone: 6,000 users in 49 countries. So that makes an average of 1,000 users per month and 5 new countries each month. Not bad for a soft entry into the difficult higher education market.

ComWriter hits 6000 users

Dr Linda Glassop, a former academic and theĀ founder of ComWriter saidĀ “It is thrilling to get positive feedback on all our hard work”, “Our users seem to have little trouble adapting to ComWriter once they get their mind around our awesome innovation: eliminating formatting!”

Yes, that is correct, ComWriter does all the formatting for you: references AND text, leaving students and faculty free to concentrate on writing content. So, all those challenges with formatting references (you know, commas, colons, italics, all in the right place), not to mention headers-and-footers, have all been eliminated in an easy-to-use cloud-based product.

A Public Library in the cloud: heaven for researchers!

Users can also find references in ComWriter’s Public Library! Linda said their Public Library has access to 2 billion records…now that’s another mind-bending innovation given we aren’t talking about Google! Linda said “ComWriter is capable of writing a first year essay or a full dissertation” “My dissertation has 300 pages, with more than 500 references. We’ve used it as a test case and all the formatting gets done automatically by ComWriter in 1.15 minutes!” “I wish I had ComWriter back in 2000 when I submitted, it would have saved me a very big headache!” Linda sighed.

ComWriter has a free version and can be found at


12 February, 2015

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